Tall Building Challenges-Abstract

Tall commercial buildings present a series of design problems that differ from those that are found in other projects in the built environment. The previous HVAC Design Guide for Tall Commercial Buildings provided guidance in both understanding the HVAC design problems of tall commercial office buildings (with heights of 100m or more) and in detailing their alternative solutions. This lecture will be of interest to owners, architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and other specialized engineers and consultants. The design guide not only focuses on the efforts of designers of the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, but also addresses the importance of the design team and their collective efforts and concerns that are the critical elements in determining the ultimate solutions to project needs of a tall building. This guide addresses design issues for tall commercial buildings which are very often mixed use, consisting sometimes of low level retail, office floors, residential floors and hotel floors but the matters discussed and the recommendations and comments that are developed, with various modifications, can be applied to other project types within the built environment. As buildings get taller there are different climatic effects which vary over the height of a building. The façade becomes important, not only due to the building size but also how it responds to ambient conditions and how it contributes to the buildings heating and cooling loads.  The façade also contributes to daylight harvesting.