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The single largest opportunity for energy conservation and savings in future building design is reducing code-required airflows to spaces where they don’t affect patient outcomes and safety. There are big opportunities in existing buildings, also. Come hear 1) What Kaiser Permanente learned from three years of deep research into the standards’ origins and requirements, 2) How you can stay on top of, and help advance proposed alternative standards that could improve air change rates, temperature, humidity, and natural ventilation, 3) How you can prepare for the changes in ways that will deliver big savings in energy costs and greenhouse gases for years to come.

Travis English (aPE, CEM, LEED-AP) is the Facilities Planning & Design Director of Engineering and 'chief design engineer' for Kaiser Permanente (KP), headquartered in Oakland, CA.

 Travis is a PE, with his BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in management.  He has 20 years of experience in design and construction.

 With KP, his emphasis is a value-based and an outcomes-based approach to MEP systems, to meet the challenge of world class care that is also affordable care

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