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 Since 1919, ASHRAE has supported research to improve the quality of life. It is thought to be the largest program of fundamental research sponsored by any engineering society in the world.

The Resource Promotion Campaign annually raises funds to support ASHRAE’s research program. It is conducted by the Society’s membership through local chapter volunteers and receives over 7,000 contributions each year from the membership and companies associated with the HVAC&R industry.


This annual support totals more than $1.7 million annually and is matched dollar-for-dollar by ASHRAE from the proceeds of the annual winter AHR Exposition. Since ASHRAE pays all the fund raising expenses, 100% of every donor’s invested dollar goes into research.


Members can submit individual or company contributions with their dues payment, or by sending their contributions to their chapter’s Resource Promotion chairperson.

ASHRAE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Contributions from members, citizens and businesses are deductible as allowed by law.

Chapter Contributions

The Orange Empire Resource Promotion Committee will be raising funds for ASHRAE research from Chapter member contributions and with Research Promotion activities and events.

The Orange Empire Chapter Resource Promotion Committee Chair for 2015-2016 is 

Michael Garabedian

Please Contact a Board Member for More Info


Please mail Orange Empire Resource Promotion contributions to the following address:


Please make check out to ASHRAE


PO BOX 15603

Santa Ana, CA 92735

Attn: Derrick Wyka, Treasurer


Online Contributions can be made at https://www.ashrae.org/aboutus/resource_promotion.asp

Contributions can be applied to any of four resource fund raising categories.

ASHRAE Research
ASHRAE Learning Institute
ASHRAE Foundatio
ASHRAE General Fund


What Is Resource Promotion?

Since 1919, members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have supported the Society’s technical research program.  Thanks to this strong tradition of member support, ASHRAE is the world’s leading resource for technical information in the fields of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R).

ASHRAE Research leads the effort to find answers to growing number of critical questions facing the HVAC&R industry.  It addresses issues such as ozone depletion and indoor air quality; the need for environments that are appropriate for high technology; and industry role in ensuring that food, blood, and other life-giving products can be stored safely.

Independently funded by contributions from members, their colleagues and business, ASHRAE Research creates a constant stream of scientific findings and conclusions.  This research defines the fundamental concepts used by engineering professionals to design and manage the technology that insures the comfort and quality of indoor environments.

ASHRAE Research Agenda

The Society’s century-old commitment to meeting professional needs for reliable information is accomplished through a three-step process:

1) Identification of research needs. 
2) Commissioning of research projects. 
3) Publishing of research results

Applying this process on a Society-wide basis, ASHRAE has earned a worldwide reputation for quality in research, standards, continuing education, technical journals and manuals.

Identifying Research Needs

Representing 50,000 HVAC&R practitioners in 120 countries, ASHRAE is in a unique position to identify and meet industry needs. Volunteers participating in ASHRAE 91 Technical Committees, the Society’s Research Administration Committee, and ASHRAE meetings and conferences help identify research priorities.

ASHRAE research is grouped under nine categories:

· Design Tools · Energy Conservation · Environmentally Safe Materials and Refrigerants · Fire and Safety · Food Processing and Preservation · Indoor Air Quality, Comfort and Health · Innovative Emerging Technology (High Risk) ·Operation and Maintenance Tools · Refrigerant Systems

Commissioning Research Projects

With extensive member participation, ASHRAE identifies the individuals and organizations best qualified to research the issues. This coordinated effort insures efficient use of research funds and optimum resource management.

Most studies are completed in academic environments by creating partnerships with universities and research institutes. ASHRAE research also exposes future professionals to the theoretical foundation of the industry.

Publishing Research Results

After completion, ASHRAE distributes research findings so that industry and other researchers can benefit from the dissemination of new technology. Our system of respected and established publications and presentation opportunities has created a worldwide technology transfer network.